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October 13, 2004



Yeah, I'd say that if you are voting for Bush, you don't care about your kid.

You just supported billions and billions of taxes that should have been fairly paid by corporations and the wealthy for this foolish war of Bush's to land squarely on his little shoulders and completely mortgaged his future.


Strange Dog


Say what you will about each candidate's respective policies, my point (at least in this post) is about the shirt and the inherent arrogance that goes along with statement on it.

Do you honestly think that as a parent who is voting for Bush that I don't care about my child? Do you think this is true of every parent who is voting for Bush? I am sure that you are sane enough to realize that a caring parent can disagree with you on the subject of politics.

Kate, I don't know if you have kids, but if you do, you'll know how most people react when they are challenged on their parenting or their love for their child. Wearing a shirt that suggests that I don't care about my child because I'm voting for Bush is plainly insulting. Wearing such a shirt is supremely arrogant and it serves no purpose other than to be annoying. In fact, I think it is emblematic of the problem with liberalism today. Not only does the shirt suggest that the wearer is better at deciding what is good for my child than my wife and I are, but it openly degrades me in the process. It leaves no opening for intelligent discourse There you have modern liberalism in a nutshell.

One of the reasons I cannot bring myself to vote Democratic in this election (other than the fact that I don't agree with Kerry on almost everything) is that the moonbat wing has taken over the Democratic Party and the tone of the debate coming from the left is always arrogant and insulting.


I think that you don't think at all. How in the heck do you think all that debt will be paid? It won't disappear. Are you really that foolish? It's been a constant debate among liberals - why do they make such foolish decisions - is it lack of knowledge, lack of ability to think it out or do they really not care? That we debate that shows we are honest. I certainly don't hear that kind of debate from conservatives.

Bush is not a conservative and he has only talked like he is one. If you follow his actions you see something entirely different - so obviously he is dishonest. I used to respect conservatives, now it is clear they will easily throw away all their values for what? The power of having a president that says what they want to hear but never follows through and acts against their own interests?

Yes I have kids - that's why I am livid. I have been personally betrayed by a treasonist president. We all have been. My country, my children, my future, our security have all been horribly endangered by a man that is so obviously incompetant.

Whatever you think of the views of Kerry. It is deeply troubling that so many are apparently so easily misled to the point they think the exact opposite of what has occurred. They think that there was a connection between Saddam and Al Queda, even though the President stated outright there was none. Even though the Vice President stated in the debate that he never said there was (an outright proven lie). How can you follow people who think so little of you?

How can you love your children to support such horrifying leaders to lie to them too. It is sad.

Strange Dog


I too have issues with deficit spending, however, I acknowledge that we are fighting a war and reacting to some very unusual circumstances. I am hopeful the next four years will bring more fiscal responsibility. It is incumbent upon us as citizens to impart to our leaders that we need that responsbility, however I don't think it should come at the expense of our defense. I have no doubt that the federal budget can be amended (imagine all the pork that can be removed) we just disagree on how. In the end, I think keeping us safe is essential for me and my kids.


The deficit was created by the huge tax cut given to the rich. Apparently this was more important to Bush than arming the soldiers with bullets, giving them armor or insuring the veterans with basic benefits. Heck he even tried to cut their pay.

I spent 17 years as a military wife. My husband was badly paid and I had to work to keep the rent paid, but I always knew that the military would take care of us in repayment for a lifetime of dedication to the armed forces. I knew at the time that people thought so much of the veterans that they made sure that the laws treated them fairly. Sorrowfully veterans can no longer rely on this. I grieve for their situation. They are being asked to sacrafice and not being supported in return.

This does not keep us safe. I see nothing that Bush has done to keep us safe. I only see that he endangered us more by involving us in Iraq when our focus and resources should have been on the enemy. I only see that he neglects basic safeguards at our borders and coasts. I only see that he spends most of the money for safeguarding us on states that have no need for it and who end up spending it on silly things, instead of states that do need it because he thinks those states will not vote for him.

No, Bush has not kept us safe. He just says he has. Look to the actions and not the words.

Strange Dog

The deficit is the result of huge amounts of war spending (which I thinkis currently necessary) and to a lesser extent, some ridiculously large entitlements like the new Medicare drug package. That being said, I still agree with you, during the next four years the administration had better get a handle on the deficit spending.

I can tell you that personally that my tax cut (and I'm not rich by along shot) went straight back into the economy in the form of an added down payment on a house. I think a lot of other tax cuts ended up being spent the same way.The economic rebound we are enjoying now is very much a result of that tax cut.

As far as Bush's treatment of the military , I'll let the men and women at the pointy end of the spear speak for me (and this includes my brother and sister-in-law, who have both been to Iraq). The military overwhelmingly supported Bush in this election. If they felt they were being neglected and hung out to dry by the present administration do you think they would have voted for him in the numbers that they did?

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